Conclusion of the differences between Headphones

Whether a device of the former company or of the newly bought one, every Beats device has its own lovers; people who cannot get over the older technology stick to the older devices while people looking forward to a better change go for the new ones. Every music-addict’s preferences make him and his choice of devices different from the others. But the fact that new and improvised is always better, cannot be ignored. New trends rule over the old ones, because who doesn’t like change? Beats Electronics has and will come up with more versatility for its users, winning the comparison with stated above.

Headphones Launched By “Beats Electronics” Part II

Beats Solo 2:

The designers this time focused on making a lighter and more comfortable on-ear (supra-aural) piece that could stay on your head for long music sessions. The deep bass feature and its quality of not distorting audios at high volume are great pros, while the cons of Beats Solo 2 include it being slightly overpriced and not suitable for people seeking a flat response. It’s not a purists’ thing as high frequencies, when played, are heard to be tweaked and sculpted. It will cost you $199.95 which should be okay with you if you are a Beats lover and want to carry the same gadget as the one carried by athletes and musicians. Beats Solo 2 also acts as a passive noise canceller. It comes in six colors, including girly glossy pink, all with a removable cord having an inline remote built on it, which connects on the left ear cup.

Headphones Launched By “Beats Electronics” Part I

Beats Pro:

Not designed for casual use at home, Beats pro is a Bluetooth enabled, circumaural pair of DJ headphones with ear cups that can be turned away to free ears for some time. They are purely designed for DJs, their heavy body which approximately weighs a pound and is made of brushed metal, says so. Their heavy weight is a turnoff too as one cannot put them on his head for too long; although, the low frequency response of Beats Pro is appraisable. Costing you $449.95, it comes with detachable wires that give you the advantage of not losing the expensive pair of headphones even if you lose or damage the cord. Orchestral music and modern pop suit the best on Beats Pro, frequency ranges and bass levels are equally balanced by it. If you are a DJ looking for the best equipment that does justice to your job, Beats Pro is totally worth checking out